i see you: retrospective on visual storytelling with dan bennett

I’m always fascinated by the ways in which people tell stories, especially when they use an art form to connect with their audience. A few months back I was lucky enough to meet Dan Bennett, the Antipreneur. Dan’s background is in engineering (!) and video production, and he is a master at helping people translate their ideas into visual media. Dan was generous enough to chat with me online and share some of his magic.

Here is the recording, followed by a timeline with links and notes. I hope you find a rabbit hole worth exploring further. If you’d like to contribute an idea or a resource, or if you’d like more examples and links to the coursework I do with learners on the public internet, please Contact me – I look forward to continuing the conversation.


00:00:32 Implications of Freud’s assumptions about perception

00:02:30 Music video (for those of you under 30 🙂 )

00:04:00 Metaphors We Live By by George Lakoff

00:04:35 John Cage

00:04:36 Alvin Lucier’s “I Am Sitting in a Room”

00:05:01 Blu-ray (among other recording media)

00:06:28 Steven Wright

00:07:07 Record store owner called out a vinyl album manufacturer

00:09:09 Analog

00:11:33 “I help entrepreneurs look and sound great on camera.”

00:16:04 SEO

00:16:12 Passover questions

00:18:17 Executive coaching

00:19:03 Magic

00:21:09 The Breakfast Burrito Principle

00:24:57 Our friend Jay Clouse

00:30:04 Resilience

0032:59 Rorschach test

00:36:48 “Building an audience online is not a business.” (No link, just a brilliant observation.)

00:38:30 Open-Source Learning

00:40:16 John Wooden

00:40:36 Grantland Rice

00:46:29 The Millionaire Next Door

00:53:17 “It actually felt like he cared about us and he gave us all these tools for free to be able to implement.”

00:57:10 “We’ll definitely do this again.”