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David Preston helps leaders and organizations solve problems, seize opportunities, and redefine the future.


David has given transformative keynote speeches around the world for three decades.

In addition to his organizational development work with clients, David became internationally known as one of the first K12 teachers to launch learning communities on the public internet. He developed the strategies and practices that became known as Open-Source Learning.

David’s clients and students have used his insights to collaborate and create some amazing adventures. His talks provide entertaining, motivating inspiration for your audience members to launch their own.


David works with education and business leaders to create learning experiences that help individuals, business teams, campus communities, and even large audiences achieve extraordinary learning outcomes.

David’s superpower is helping you simplify complicated ideas so you can put them to work.

Open-Source Learning design empowers your people to do their best work, share insight, and create a learning culture that lasts.


David provides professional development and continuing education and certification programs.

Open-Source Learning ensures that course content and ongoing practice aligns with your objectives to achieve the outcomes you envision.

David personally trains academic faculties, executive teams, and employee groups on topics ranging from AI and emerging technology to leadership, conflict management, and communications.

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