too many cooks

Building a successful team is an art. 25 years ago I worked with the best coaches in the world to build a program that creates championship teams. What better place…

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David Preston

David Preston advises education and business leaders around the world on managing the human aspects of organizations and improving performance with Open-Source Learning. David has informed and inspired audiences at the MacArthur Foundation, MIT, TEDx, OSCON, the Royal Geographic Society, and elsewhere with insights and experiences from his groundbreaking book ACADEMY OF ONE.

Speaking and Consulting

Dr. Preston is the most talented educator I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
Open Source Learning, as practiced by Dr. Preston, is the most promising platform I have yet seen with the power to, at long last, move the educational establishment away from Industrial Age structures and into a 21st century world.

John Davis, Assistant Superintendent, Santa Maria Joint Union High School District