I work with clients to create

environments for learning.

To do this, I help organizational leaders use Open-Source Learning to address issues that influence every element of operational performance.

David uses Open-Source Learning to help clients create, change, and improve.

Open-Source Learning methods have been used by my clients to improve team communication, knowledge transfer, leadership, team-building, and conflict management.

Client Advisory Services

Clients meet privately or in small groups with me on a regular basis to share confidential information that helps them gain insight and improve their skills. They’ve called me a Consultant. (Yes.) Coach. (Sometimes.) Consigliere. (That client was a huge Godfather fan.)

Having an objective, caring expert you can call on is valuable in a variety of situations. We can structure this type of engagement to meet a particular need or create a process over a specific time period.

Facilitation and Training

The first time my Dad took me to the Hollywood Bowl, I was mesmerized by the sound filling the Hollywood Hills and the laser light show overhead. It took me a while to realize that one person was guiding the entire experience: the conductor.

A conductor must know the music and the musicians well enough to move back and forth from the scripted page to what’s happening in real time onstage. Every move the conductor makes is both intentional and spontaneously responsive.

Similarly, a skilled facilitator immediately establishes a similar understanding and rapport that elicits every participant’s best performance throughout the meeting, retreat, or project. When I guide a meeting, lead a training, build a team, or mediate a conflict, I use decades of experience and what I see right in front of me to bring out everyone’s best. Participants risk thinking out loud, they achieve goals, and they have fun.

A Note About Fun: Fun is an underrated key to success. We do our best when we are fully engaged, and we are most fully engaged when we are not distracted by thoughts like, “This sucks and I wish I were doing something else.” Fun is also a happy outcome of success. Q: Has a championship team ever moped during the trophy ceremony? A: No.

6’x4’ oil painting on canvas, Too Many Cooks by Adam Stone, July 19, 2000.

Too Many Cooks

Building a successful team is an art. 25 years ago I worked with the best coaches in the world to build a program that creates championship teams who savor success and learn bitter lessons: the kitchen.

Participants in Too Many Cooks learn the processes and practices of successful teams. Then they apply what they learn in the kitchen under the guidance of our executive chef.

The immediate result is a gourmet meal. The lasting impact is a sustainable network of relationships that achieve increasingly high levels of performance.

“Dr. Preston developed an instructional framework that became known as Open-Source Learning (OSL). OSL helped students understand the online environment and achieve extraordinary results. Dr. Preston is an asset as a consultant in the areas of technology, instruction, and learning community development.”

Santa Maria Joint Union High School District

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to you for facilitating ECF’s first Board retreat in over six years. I now have a clear understanding why you came so highly recommended to me by prestigious leaders in our community. Thanks to your professionalism and focused efforts, ECF has a board-approved operational plan for the next three years. As President and CEO of this fine organization, I am most thankful for your help and hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the near future.”

Exceptional Children’s Foundation

“David is a role model for educators and business leaders who want to improve performance within their organizations, and together improve cooperation and corporate citizenship as a society.”

Hon. Brad Sherman of California in the House of Representatives

“Thank you for your thorough analysis and insightful definition of the challenges facing our group in this time of executive transition at FOX/Liberty Networks. Your facilitation skills were impressive… the comfort level you created in a very short time frame led field managers to be candid, and that openness was the foundation of the results that we achieved. I look forward to working with your company in the future.”

FOX/Liberty Networks