pandemic pedagogy: a conversation with julieta delgadillo

AUGUST 1, 2020:

Teachers, students, and parents will be doing things differently in the 2020-21 school year. This weekend I talked with Santa Maria High School English Department Chair Julieta Delgadillo to get a head start with a wide-ranging conversation about the philosophy, strategies, practices, and tools to support online learning and student engagement during the pandemic. Please see more detailed notes on the conversation below.


This is the first in a series of conversations that has to purposes. First, Julieta and I want to support each other and our colleagues in teaching by sharing ideas and online content that provide immediate value. Second, we want to start a broader conversation that leads all of us to consider learning in new ways so that we can develop practices that help our students, their families, and our community thrive during the pandemic and whatever comes next.

For these reasons, we intentionally covered a lot of topics in a conversational way. This first step is designed for you to take what you need, ignore what you don’t, and tell us what you’d like to learn more about.

Watch the video from start to finish, or scroll down to the notes and links below this paragraph. You can learn more about each topic by: 1) Advancing the video to the indicated timeline marker; 2) Following the links (feel free to copy or remix anything you see on David’s course blogs!); 3) Using the terms in a browser search; or 4) Commenting to this post or emailing and asking us questions.

Please also let us know if you have a suggestion for future topics. We want to know what would be valuable for you. Also please let us know if you have experience or talent that you’re willing to share. This is all about trying to meet each other where we’re needed. Same goes for hands-on support: content development, tech skills, whatever. There is no expectation that you’ll understand, agree, use, or even read all of this material. We’re just putting it out there. Whatever subject or grade you teach, whatever you want to explore, question, or even disagree on, feel free to get in touch. We’re here to help and all feedback is welcome. Looking forward to your thoughts!

0:41     A new approach to professional development
2:06     How to handle attendance?
3:14     Synchronous and asynchronous learning

3:31 External pressures on students

4:53     Students as productive members of a network

5:21     Data created by authentic curation online
6:29     Students create their own blogs

7:26     Why students need their own blogs/ websites

8:28     Metadata, teacher assumptions, and empathy

15:17   Including students’ families

16:31   A uniquely online reading test

17:16   Project-based learning online

19:21   The first day of school

23:12   Teaching about the internet

23:56   Creating community

24:23   Cursing and other opportunities for improvement

25:17   The value of losing an argument

25:55   Writing on the first day of school

26:48   Individual personality and sacred space of learning

30:32   The single biggest game-changing shift in education
31:51   Creating routines so your devices work for you
32:40   Setting a tone online

33:17   Hope, transparency, & integrity
33:49   Moments of mindfulness & synchronous learning
37:09   Calm app/ offer for teachers

38:16   Walking the walk / taking our own courses

41:01   Using SMS/ text to connect with students

41:41   Sample video lesson

47:30   Finding course content online

50:34   Developing our courses, helping each other, & feeling vulnerable
54:45   Organizing for empathy
56:39   Balancing choice with rigor
58:45   Adaptation and social justice

59:42   Relevancy to life & backfilling standardized concepts
1:00:26 Whitman and exploration

1:03:20 A brief history of standardized testing

1:04:27 Putting the learner at the top of the org chart
1:06:17 Reading & optimizing synchronous learning time

1:08:37 UCSB study: mindfulness correlated with reduction in mind-wandering & improvement in reading performance