trigger warning (redacted)

I wrote a 1500+ word post for this week that was motivated by the news of the six-year-old who shot his teacher. It’s a good piece and I think you’ll like it. But it’s also edgy. My family depends on the consulting income I earn from schools and I can’t afford to get canceled this week. So here is my offer to you, dear reader: Ask and ye shall receive. If you’d like me to personally deliver a camera-ready draft of this week’s blog post to your Inbox, please email me: david [at] davidpreston [dot] net

If you’re feeling efficient or lazy, you can copy/paste this message:

Hi David, I’m super curious about this week’s blog post – please send me the draft! Your #1 fan, [your name here]

When I receive your message I will reply with a handcrafted draft of the post. Then you can tell me whether you think I made the right call. See you back here next week!