The learning power of virtual community: a conversation with howard rheingold

Many thanks to Howard Rheingold for a wide-ranging discussion about virtual community, learning and connecting on line, and being good humans in general. Enjoy the video. Timeline with notes and links below.

2:05 The Institute for the Future
2:33 Howard Rheingold
3:32 Virtual Communities
4:45 BBS (Bulletin Board System)
4:47 The Well (more about The Well on Wikipedia)
4:50 Stewart Brand & Larry Brilliant
7:05 George Hillyer 94 definitions of community
10:48 The Art of Hosting Good Conversations Online
11:07 Marshall McLuhan 
13:54 You Own Your Own Words
15:13 Backstage communication
15:33 Shifts in research on leadership
16:31 Argument as a search for truth
17:49 Smart Mobs
18:55 Spontaneous revolt in Philippines organized by SMS text 
20:54 Pictures of historical events taken by people with phones
22:12 Alan Kay
29:27 Ungrading
31:47 Mindfulness
33:22 Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabelle Wilkerson
37:26 K-Pop fans rally around shared interests to coordinate political movements
39:27 Robert Putnam on social capital and book: Making Democracy Work
47:51 Paolo Freire’s banking theory of education (in book Pedagogy of the Oppressed)
52:40 The power of the asynchronous
52:44 L’esprit de l’escalier (Who knew there was an actual term for this? YAY!!)
55:53 John Taylor Gatto 
1:05:09 Patreon
1:10:24 Wisconsin Idea
1:13:10 Cory Doctorow
1:14:27 The Medici Effect
1:14:46 500-year-old history of indigenous Mesoamerican culture written during pandemic
1:15:09 Students wrote their own history: Surviving With Class