David Preston has worked with thousands of students, families, schools, and organizations
to exceed their expectations and achieve spectacular goals.

Here’s what they’re saying:

Dr. Preston is asset as a consultant in the areas of technology, instruction, and learning community development.

Antonio Garcia, Superintendent, Santa Maria Joint Union High School District

David brings cutting edge research and practice together with humor and humanity to deliver a message of learning, value, interdependence, and hope.


Dr. Preston takes collaboration and engagement to a whole new level. Our members loved his talk and took his messages to heart in ways that will help their organizations, communities, and constituents. This is a cultural foundation we can build schools on.

California Charter Schools Conference

Dr. Preston is the most talented educator I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
Open Source Learning, as practiced by Dr. Preston, is the most promising platform I have yet seen with the power to, at long last, move the educational establishment away from Industrial Age structures and into a 21st century world.

John Davis, Assistant Superintendent, Santa Maria Joint Union High School District

Words couldn’t begin to articulate how much I appreciate your support and guidance. Your passion for education is inspiring. I can only hope that future students will love your class as much as I did.

Dani Galindo, Student

David’s unique perspectives on management, leadership, vision and strategy breathed new life into familiar topics and energized an executive audience who thought they’d seen it all.

The Employers Group

Dr. Preston delivered a vision of Open Source Learning that made an immediate impact. This is the future of education.

O’Reilly OSCON

Dr. Preston’s innovative methods of teaching inspire students to challenge themselves, be responsible for their learning, and be better prepared for higher education and their future.

Mark Richardson, Superintendent, Santa Maria Joint Union High School District

Dr. Preston’s energy and compassion brought us into a world of motivated learners who design their own interdisciplinary journeys and create high value networks all over the world.
Welcome to the Learning Economy.

Institute for the Future

It was amazing to watch David not just describe best practices but model them in real time– bringing students and colleagues online from around the world took the promise of learning from ideal to real.

MacArthur Foundation Digital Media & Learning Conference

David Preston is always working to expand his own horizons. We have collaborated across continents, age groups, and disciplines to foster student-initiated collaboration, developing confidence and opening the door to potential projects.  His desire to learn and willingness to grow has been an inspiration and an encouragement to me and my students.

Laura Ritchie, Professor of Learning and Teaching, National Teaching Fellow, Coordinator of Instrumental/ Vocal Teaching and MA Performance, University of Chichester

We were extremely impressed by Dr. Preston’s ability to blend timeless principles with modern technology in ways that brought stories to life and made the impossible possible.

Royal Geographic Society

Dr. Preston has taught me how to think on a deeper level and apply my new and old wisdom (not knowledge) to excel beyond my previous capabilities.

Keven Ostrin, Student

Dr. David Richard Preston is a role model for educators and business leaders who want to improve performance within their organizations, and together improve cooperation and corporate citizenship as a society.

The Honorable Brad Sherman, United States House of Representatives

I was trying to think of a way to write a long letter about how great your class was but, all I could think of is that students love to learn but hate to be taught.  You helped us to learn and showed us the way to success without boring lectures and notes. Thank you.

Jon Bradford, Student

David, I appreciate your creative approach, your good work, and all you do on behalf of your students.

Bill Cirone, Superintendent, Santa Barbara County Education Office

David is a true teacher’s teacher.  He is involved in the education of every single student and is committed to making each child’s personal quest for excellence an exciting and rewarding reality.

Leigh Clark, English Department Chair, Monroe High School

Thanks so much for the update on John’s current situation.  I know he respects you and enjoys the class.  Thanks for all your hard work and caring as a teacher! 
Was it really 2 AM when you replied to my email?

Ralph Kucera, Parent

You are the best English teacher Colleen has ever had.  She has learned so much in your class, and she trusts you and values your opinion.  Getting that kind of respect from a teenager isn’t easy.  Your support and encouragement have made a huge difference in her outlook.

May Livingstone, Parent

David is a very hard working and conscientious person and is very concerned in regard to the welfare of others.  He has shown the ability to cope with adversity and become stronger for it.

John Wooden, Hall of Fame UCLA Men's Basketball Coach

I can’t believe how much fun I had in an English class! It has been my pleasure to work and be taught by a teacher like you.  I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for me!

Miranda Nillo, Student

David has a strong social conscience about the future of public education.

Harry Handler, Former Superintendent, Los Angeles Unified School District

This was an unforgettable learning experience. I will definitely take the tools that I learned with me on my own journey.  Thank you for helping me realize my passion but most of all, thank you for helping me realize that I do have a voice in this big world.  Teachers like you are hard to find and I am more than honored to have gotten to be a part of your class.

Vanessa Padilla, Student

Thank you so much for a great experience!  I hope my kids and future generations will be able to participate in the forever-growing Open Source Learning experience!

Lesther Valenzuela, Student

This class has taught me so many things I always wanted to learn.

Hermis Pillos Jr., Student

I’m glad I have you as a teacher because I have learned a lot.  I have never written so much in a class.  I learned how to express my ideas on paper.  You are the first teacher to make me think and write a lot.

Janette Solorio, Student

I really like the attitude you took to get your point across.

Roderick Jones, Student

Before I came to your class, I had not felt true joy during an English class.  You and your class brought me that joy.  And for that, I thank you.. You are, in my mind, the greatest teacher I have had to date.

Cerra Alteegh, Student

Thank you for guiding Alice in the right direction. I’m confidence that with your presence in her life, she will achieve her academic goals… that will enable her to continue and further her education.

Mary Chung Jun, Parent

Thanks for being such a great teacher.  I enjoy every day in your class.

Kaitlyn Pinkard, Student

I consider you one of my greatest teachers.

Whitney Weyer, Student

There are so many ways for us to help people all over the world.  Thank you for helping us learn this.

The Peace Club, Ernest Righetti High School

This year feels like really the only year in high school where I learned something that can actually help me in the real world. This was unlike any other class I have taken.

Tyler Stewart, Student

I could not have gotten where I am today without you.

Kelsey Wellard, Student

You’re an excellent teacher and I hope you know how much I appreciate you, this class, and the people in this class.  We really did all become one big family this year.. That wouldn’t have been possible without you.  Thank you so much for being the outstanding teacher and person that you are.

Hannah Hosking, Student

In all my years as a student, never has anyone been so sympathetic and so giving toward their students.  God bless you!

Rick Cortez, Student

Every single thing in your classroom changed me. It all changed the way I think about everything.  And it’s all thanks to you, because with you I thought about everything in depth.  You are one of the teachers that has actually made a difference in my life.

Geraldine Vivanco, Student

I had such a great ride with Open Source Learning.  I can’t thank you enough.

Amara Sharp, Student

You have taught me so much in so little time—you are a great mentor.

Erica Marquez, Student

You’re ahead of the teaching game!  You have really taken teaching to another level, and I feel like I am part of a movement in the educational system.

Mariah Cooks, Student

You are truly the best teacher I have ever had.  You do everything you can to make sure we succeed.  You come up with these amazing topics that I would never have questioned before.

Chris Browning, Student

I truly appreciate your insight… Thank you for all your help and humor!

Karen Apple, School Librarian

Thanks for showing a side to education that we should like!  I’m so happy that you have made me think differently!

Jhaicelle Laron, Student

I am very excited to have you teach my daughter! I had been following you for a few years on social media because of your work in educational technology. In part, it is because of your vision that I was inspired to take risks and transform learning for my own students and myself.  This has made all the difference. Keep doing what you are doing.  You are making a great difference.

Joe Inverso, Parent & Educator