Month: January 2023

  • school ain’t your business

    school ain’t your business

    Comparing school with business is bad business. There are huge differences between school and business: Learning is personal Learning is messy Learning is abstract   Learning Is Personal One of the most chilling moments in The Godfather is when Michael reveals his talent for strategy and his cold objectivity when it comes to the political…

  • trigger warning (redacted)

    trigger warning (redacted)

    I wrote a 1500+ word post for this week that was motivated by the news of the six-year-old who shot his teacher. It’s a good piece and I think you’ll like it. But it’s also edgy. My family depends on the consulting income I earn from schools and I can’t afford to get canceled this…

  • I deserve an A

    I deserve an A

    I was clearing out my Zoom cloud when I ran across this conversation from April 2021. We teach and learn a lot in school that has nothing to do with the course content.