Webinar retrospective: chris carfi on Web3

When I think lifelong learning, I think Chris Carfi (@ccarfi). Chris and I have been friends for more than a decade – and I learn something new every time we talk. (Among many other things, Chris is the man who taught me that there’s a word for that lovely, earthy smell after it rains: petrichor.)

Chris has a superpower that is all the more valuable because it seems so scarce in Silicon Valley. Even though he has decades of experience (both hands-on and executive) in tech, Chris knows what he doesn’t know.

Last fall Chris called me with an idea: “What would it take to do an Open-Source Learning experience around Web3?” For the next few months I had a front row seat as Chris took on the challenge and immersed himself in all things NTF, DAO, etc. Now he is Head of Marketing at Web3’s Unlock Protocol. Recently we sat down to talk about the tech/culture water in which he’s swimming. Here is the recording, followed by notes and links. Enjoy!


00:36      Online community

01:08      Web3, blockchain, NFT

01:26      Open-Source Learning

02:28     Artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks

02:59     Doc Searls

03:25     Bitcoin

03:49     Ethereum

04:29     CryptoPunks

04:49     NFT digital art sold for tens of millions

05:56     Decentralized/distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

06:19     Web 1.0

06:24    Web 2.0

07:35    Bob Frankston

07:50    Isolation and loneliness

08:20   Gavin Wood

08:32  Tim O’Reilly

08:33   Cory Doctorow

09:58   Steph Curry spends $180k on NFT

10:22   Cryptokitties

10:53   OpenSea

17:43   Digital wallet

21:32   Twitter NFT feature

22:57   LooksRare

23:55   Bored Ape Yacht Club

26:00  Caroline’s (@littlefortunes) Tales of Ronin

27:52   Willow Tree

31:42   Discord

33:58  ERC – 721

36:40  World of Women

39:17   KlimaDAO

43:55  RabbitHole

45:42  Slack

48:46  [TEASE! The LIT AF podcast / website drops on Valentine’s Day.]

52:40  Gas fees

54:09  Polygon

54:11   xDai

54:35  LanaCoin