Month: July 2023

  • the wisdom of weeds

    the wisdom of weeds

    Looking closely was both the problem and the solution. I walk through my front yard at least a couple times a day but I don’t really see it. When I get the newspaper in the morning, or pull the car in and lock the gate at night, I notice the cactus and the ocotillo, framed…

  • too many cooks

    too many cooks

    Building a successful team is an art. 25 years ago I worked with the best coaches in the world to build a program that creates championship teams. What better place to savor success and learn bitter lessons than the kitchen? Participants in Too Many Cooks learn the processes and practices of successful teams. Then they…

  • Declare your digital interdependence

    Declare your digital interdependence

    Going online these days is like walking through a trade show in an office building full of corporate lobbies. While you’re trying to decide where to do your business – Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon – banner ads and pop ups constantly compete for your attention. You can’t read two paragraphs before something blocks your view…