Open-Source Learning:
an educational philosophy
for the information age

Everyone loves learning. The problem is our formal system of education.

My name is David Preston. I work with students, teachers, and organizational leaders to develop learning experiences that immediately create value and hope.

Together we can transform the shortcomings of our schools and organizations into enlightened, creative, and interactive experiences for learners.

We can achieve those goals with Open Source Learning.

What is the problem?

We all know the issues: billions spent on education, yet problems with our educational system deepen by the day.  College degrees are meaningless as indicators of skill or expertise.

The problem starts in our classrooms, where even the best communication typically flows from teacher to students in a “one-to-many” broadcast. Students are treated as captive consumers.  When they do produce work, it is evaluated by one person and then returned with a summative grade.  It ends up crumpled in the bottom of a backpack, with no lasting impact, forgotten.

Education doesn’t have to be that way

We can transcend the hidebound conventions and limitations of our schools.

Thanks to the internet and digital technology, Information has never been more engaging, accessible, and customizable. We can connect learners with the best ideas, mentors, and opportunities that humanity has to offer. We can inspire students to become not only learners, but also knowledge creators who can share their work with everyone.

What is Open Source Learning? (Details here)

Open Source Learning provides a new direction for transforming education in the Information Age. Open Source Learning is a collection of strategies, practices, and online technologies that equip students to work in partnership with teachers to develop their own learning experiences and interdisciplinary paths of inquiry.

The evolution of the internet and digital technology has created tools that allow learners to connect with everything and everyone they need to succeed. Open Source Learning enables students to amplify and accelerate their learning by working with mentors and collaborating with partners around the world.  In the process of curating their journey, they create their own knowledge as they learn – knowledge that can be shared with everyone.

Open Source Learning empowers us to produce value, interdependence, and hope

I began using the term “Open Source Learning” in 2009. For years I’ve been developing and facilitating Open Source Learning practices to help students take charge of their work so they can achieve their academic goals, graduate, win scholarships, get into college, and create their own careers and interests.

In Open Source Learning, everything is interesting and interdisciplinary; a cup of tea of tea is not just a cup of tea – it is an invitation to explore botany, ceramics, the history of colonialism, and the invisible forces that hold the cup to the table.

Open Source Learning operates independently of any tool, platform, or operating system. Anyone can learn and use the core values and strategies of Open Source Learning.

Visit here to see how Open Source Learning is applied to a wide range of opportunities for learning and empowerment.

What’s Next?

The beauty of Open Source Learning is that there are many ways to do it. On this website you will see examples of how to apply the core principles of Open Source Learning to your own environment.

Please feel free to contact me.  I work with schools and organizations to support educators and learners in their practice and to create custom Open Source Learning Networks. We can work together to make that happen.

David Preston

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